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Chui Tech Solutions is an Information Technology (IT) based organization whose aim is to provide you with Information Technology (IT) solutions to your problems. The organization's Slogan is "Your number one IT solution provider". We create creative digital products and services that help brands thrive in a connected world. We offer you a wide variety of services including but not limited to: system development, certification, typesetting, printing, photocopying, product distribution, product sales including: laptop, desktop and computer accessories, networking, graphic design and software installations. Feel free to call us on (0713-345-515) or email us (chuitechsolutions@gmail.com) for any assistance. Also, feel free to place your request .


Some of the services we offer include

System development

Cross platform web design, development, implementation and hosting.


Microsoft Office Packages Certification


Typesetting, Digital Printing & photocopying

Product Distribution

We also deal with General hardware, software and Accessories distribution.


Desktop and Laptop sales


Various Software sale and installation


Network setup & installation

Graphic Design

Such as Calendar, Business cards, Wedding cards, Fund raising cards etc.


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Mon - Fri: 8AM - 5PM

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